Movedrill are Matt Klose, Richard James Garfoot & Benjamin James Smith. They came together in the summer of 2002, borrowing a name from a chapter in a chess skills book about planning and practicing killer moves.

As part of the illustrious Goldswing Terrace set – a short steep street in Nottingham that became a magnet for music makers and art creators (circa 94-97) – the thread of collaborations is wide and far reaching. Prominent residents of GT during this time included Chris Todd and James Baron (founders of Crazy P) and heavy psychedelic rockers Earth. The Californian Love Dream who poached Smith for some Hammond to beef out their sound. 

Born out of the angst of a dying love affair, the first wave of material was penned by Smith and fleshed out with the help of Matthew Klose (drums) and Richard James (bass) and enlisting the guitar wizardry of former GT resident Richard Poynton. They were supported by the production and managerial experience of Ric Peet (Candy Flip & International Peoples Gang), Mike Gillespie (Underworld) and Dean Stratten with artwork by more former GT residents Alicia Clarke, Simon Howell and Fanni Bostrom the only non GT resident. 

2003 brought about Phase 1 ‘Kidbrooke recording sessions’ and Phase 2 ‘Attic recording sessions’ in 2004. They went on to relentlessly gig around London whilst writing and recording everything they did in the rehearsal room, which in 2005 became Phase 3 ‘Bush recording sessions’. 

These multi-tracked rehearsals soon clocked up to nine hours of material and were shelved until there was time to do overdubs. Subsequently forgotten about following the band’s devolvement into adult pastimes of carpentry, cheffing and fatherhood, the multi-tracks were rediscovered on a shelf of forgotten things 6 years later whilst Smith was looking for a new project to get stuck into after the release of his second Smith & Mudd album, ‘Le Suivant’. And so in 2010 began Phase 4 ‘the Yard recording sessions’.

Released June 25, 2012

"Breathtaking garage blues. 
Movedrill have honed their sound to perfection. The frontmen are masters of bright lead vocals - worn with the precocious care of Rod Stewart's Faces - and measured backing harmonies - hitting the bull head-on. Lead singer is also purveyor of the guitar with the warm but oddly warped chords, the staccato elements of funkcious chime and abrupt rock-riff, and the now obligatory dalliance of drumstick on strings. Bass is an instrument of high skipping tunes, urgent reverb-fuzz and break-out funks. Drums are a sprinting train, clackety- clack over the points, a damped snare punch. Lyrics are inevitably caught between raunch and romance: "It's so hot in here, I think about it all the time"; and "Yeah, yeah, you and me, we could last forever". There are more inventive lines too: "Standing in line for your time"; and "You wanna take her out… but she is… the last one to know". Movedrill are not especially original or off-the-wall, but they possess the irresistible hammer of the soul once owned by The Jam and subsequently passed to the Woodentops. Movedrill play direct, fast and unembellished blues. It's not big. It's not clever. It's just… exactly right. Heated-up, beated-up sweet old soul music. You got to get the feeling."
Wed 13 October 2004@ Bull and Gate. Author: WT